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As most of you will know, I have been involved in country music since I was in nappies. I have been blessed with the opportunity to perform from a very young age around local venues in the northwest of Ireland by joining my father Alex Black on stage. Continuing to keep my feet in the water by gigging while attending college was brilliant. Ive gained great experience and sang in places you wouldn’t believe..hehe!

You’d imagine with all these years of singing and my strong family history of country music that releasing my first official single to you all would be a walk in the park. Think again ! Not only the fear of being young but also being a girl in this industry is tough. The thought of how people would react to my career choice honestly terrified me, but I had to follow my dream

I cannot explain my shock and contentment when I received such loving and supportive feedback. The support from local newspapers and media outlets was phenomenal. There are too many to mention individually. Instead, I have attached links to any online media sources which I could find regarding the release. As the single track ” Daddy’s lessons”  is originally recorded by Beyonce and the dixie chicks, I fell in love with its energy and empowering message of girl power. Girl power is something I strongly believe in and I really wanted to reach out and target girls with my music. With the video reaching over 104,000 people, I was delighted to learn that the majority of interest was from girls.

The new release by Letterkenny singer Sinead Black has rocketed to the top and gained thousands of views since its release.

A Letterkenny singer released her first single and got 24,000 views in just 24 hours.

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Thank you to the Letterkenny Post for Printing me on their cover !

Now lets talk about the video shoot. Oh boy did I wear the wrong shoes….

As I mentioned Im a sucker for girl power and when I visited Donegal Air-soft, I knew there was no better way to show girl power more than little old me driving a tank while taking down my male enemy. I would like to thank Drew Houston the owner of Donegal Air-soft situated in Netwoncunningham in Donegal for his professional help. This gaming premises is every little boy and indeed girls dream day out and provides mini golfing,archery and of course an air-soft shooting range which I put to the test during my video.

My video was produced by in my opinion the best team, the garage project production company. The guys shane and Paul made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera and used various pieces of equipment such as 3 different cameras, drones and not to mention providing props such as smoke bombs. I would highly recommend not only for music video productions but also for anyone looking for professional wedding videographers.  After spending 12 hours shooting with these guys, trust me I wouldn’t want to spend my big day with any other videographers. They kept me calm and indeed drove me insane and entertained when needed.

Lastly I would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting my newest step into the big bad world of music. After battling a few hard years of anxiety and depression, I genuinely never thought I would ever properly perform again never mind be sitting here writing to you all reviewing my first official single and video release,planning an album launch, performing at over 60 weddings and organising an exciting coming year of 2018. So to anyone out there struggling, take it day by day, believe in yourself and know that I believe in you <3 . As the Letterkenny post quoted ” what a difference a day makes”.

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