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Do you need an Irish Wedding singer / Church singer / Wedding music for a special occasion?

The wedding songs that you choose are the theme tracks to your beautiful day. Every time you hear one of these songs in the future you will be taken back to those very special moments.

From my experience the correct song can completely change the atmosphere of your wedding. Therefore, I take great pride in making each couple’s ceremony unique to them.

Whether its a church, civil, humanist or spiritual wedding ceremony I can create and personalize each couples music to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. Irish Wedding Singer Sinead Black has confidence in her work and always strive to make each wedding stress free and enjoyable.

Sinead has a large selection of songs available for you to choose from. I can also learn any songs which you may request. I guide each couple through choosing each song for their entire ceremony so please relax and leave the stress of your music with me!

Drinks reception music

Drinks reception music has recently became very popular. It is a great way for your guests to remain together in the one area and socialise with one another.

Providing entertainment for the wedding guests while the couple captures their photographs reduces that sense of waiting and creates a relaxed and energetic atmosphere.

Sinead offers a two piece entertainment band called black magic.

This is made up of sinead on vocals and whistle and her father Alex on live piano/keyboard.

They also use tracks and their genres range from typical irish country , modern easy listening such as ed sheeran, some irish trad tunes and wedding classics. As Sinead has such a range of various genres to offer, she usually asks the bride and groom to select genres suitable to their guests. Otherwise Sinead can judge from the guests on the day which types of music they are enjoying. “I really enjoy my father entertaining with me during the drinks reception. All weddings are a mixed age of young and old. Likewise so are myself and dad. The age difference and contrasts between us allows us to deliver a great gig together.”

Other popular music add on which Sinead provides

  • First dance song performance

  • Live music during your wedding meal

  • Small wedding band

  • Wedding guest appearance ( have Sinead perform a 20 minute set at your wedding)

  • After party 2 piece band (music for the next day)

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