Charity concert announced to meet the High demand of referrals to Child and adolescents counselling services in Donegal
Sinead Black - Concert

Hi everyone

On Tuesday 16th of October, in the Raddison Blue Hotel Letterkenny, I have organised a concert to raise funds for the Pastrol Child and Adolescent counselling services in Donegal.

This service was setup through the pastrol centre and its aim is to meet the high demand of counselling referrals which they have received for children ages 5 – mid 20’s. I found these statistics heartbreaking and therefore really wanted to organise a concert to show support.

Speaking to Liam Cannon the founder and creator of this service, I learned that the money raised will allow him to meet these children’s mental health needs by providing a counsellor to facilitate them into there local school or at the centre. They found it difficult for children to be seen out of schools hours and perhaps there parents weren’t in a position to bring them to the service.

Liam has already placed two full time counsellor’s in a primary and secondary school throughout Donegal and with the help of this concert he should be able to continue to grow this service.

Since this concert’s aim to raise money to assist young people, all guest artists are of a young age. I am delighted they are using their amazing talents to show a sign of support annd give hope to fellow young people.

Artists include

  • The Ward Sisters (winners of the irish posts newcomer award 2018)
  • Ben Troy
  • Sinead Black (host)
  • Patricia Maguire
  • Shannon Mc Ginley
  • Chelsea Evans
  • Joe Boyle
  • David James

I would like to thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful cause. I can assure you that the money raised will be going directly to a well deserved and well needed service.

If you cannot attend you can donate money via the go fund me page I have setup.

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